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Payday Loans in Iowa (IA)

An emergency during a financial crisis can make you pull your hair out and wonder what you can do to get out of trouble. Well, it is not the end of the world. Thankfully, you can get a payday loan to help you cope with the situation. The loan is payable with the next salary, and you will be able to solve your problems until then.

Payday loans have a lot of benefits and are an ally during hard times. Today, we will give you more details about payday loans in Iowa.

Payday loans – what you need to know

A payday loan is given to you by a lender to solve your issues during a bad financial situation. These loans are very helpful when something unexpected happens and you don’t have the funds to fix it. You borrow a certain amount of money, and you can repay it once you get your paycheck.

Something in your house might suddenly stop working and you don’t have the cash for it. For example, your fridge decides to die, and the food is going to alter. A fridge is necessary, but you don’t have any savings. Here is where the payday loan can come and save you. With the money you get, you will be able to buy a new fridge.

Are payday loans legal in Iowa?

Iowa payday loans are legal, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect. Lenders are governed by Iowa Code Ann. 533D.1 et seq. The Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act. Also, payday lenders are required to have a license and stay in Iowa.

What are the five main regulations for payday loans in Iowa?

The maximum loan in Iowa is $500, and the term is a month. The finance fees are 15$ for loans that are up to $100. Per every additional $100, the fee is $10. A 14-day $100 loan has an APR of 433%. Also, payday loan lenders may charge an NSF fee of $15.

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How can you apply?

To obtain a payday loan in Iowa, you need to meet some requirements. You have to be an American citizen or a permanent resident and to be at least 18 years old. Moreover, you need to have a steady source of income.

Some personal information is also required. You will have to provide information about your employer, your name, address, and Social Security Number.

If you choose to apply online, then the lender may ask you for information to check your account. This is a way for him to deposit your payday loan and then charge the amount back when the payment is due.


A lot of people go through hardships through their lives, and sometimes these can only be solved with money. It can happen before your salary, and that might be a problem, especially if you don’t have enough savings. So, payday loans in Iowa represent a great opportunity that will help you get rid of the problem.